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Icons for Nerds and Geeks

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All Members , Moderated
geek: (n) a person who is fascinated, perhaps obsessively, by obscure or very specific areas of knowledge and imagination.

nerd: (n) a person who is perceived to be of above-average intelligence and whose interests are not shared by mainstream society.


  • All posts and icons must be on-topic. Icons should be of a geeky or nerdy nature, meaning that the subject matter should not be of a mainstream nature and should ideally require a degree of applied intelligence to understand. The moderator will make final determinations of the on-topicness of a post by assessing if the subject matter is suitably "non-mainstream" and fits the realms of geekdom and nerddom.

  • Images from television shows or movies are not allowed. There are plenty of other places to post such icons.

  • This is a LiveJournal icon community. Images outside the bounds of 100X100 pixels and/or greater than 40k are not allowed.

  • Icon requests are not allowed.

  • Only four icons in a post are allowed outside of a lj-cut.

  • If you can't be bothered to look at the faq to find out what an lj-cut is, then you shouldn't be posting here.

  • Faux cuts are not allowed. Post content in this community, do not simply link to it.

  • All posts must have comments enabled.

  • Post only your own creations.

  • Advertising other communities is allowed only if that community is relevant in theme. No images are allowed in such advertisements.

  • this community was created by: neitherday
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